Flying Pig \'flii? 'pig\ n [OE Flyghinge Pigge]
1 : an airborne winged swine
2 : a backpackers’ hostel in Amsterdam
3 : the mascot and symbol of the city of Cincinnati (a.k.a. "Porkopolis")
4 : the only logical name for an Arlington, Virginia team of fleet-footed soccer players

If you click on most photos, they will enlarge and then you can see all of our ugly mugs!!!
If anyone has photos from 1997-2000 let me know

Arlington Outdoor Spring-Fall 2008

Drew, Dave E, Dave C, Damn, Jeff, Fedor
Kermit, Candida, Jay, Ed. P, Tracy, Ed C.
Sara, Patrick, Charlt, Rachael, Emily, B.K.

Damn, Ed. C
Jason, Drew, Stoltz, Tracy, Sean, Jeff, Jay, Dave C. Fedor
Kermit, Charlt, Ed P., Mary, Dave E, Emily, Rachel, Sara

Arlington Outdoor Fall 2007

Renuka, Stacy, Jeff, Dave E.
Sean, Claie, Kermit, Ed P. Patrick, Drew
Jay, Sam, Fedor, Sara, Ed C. Rachel, Charlt

Arlington & FFX Outdoor Spring 2007

Jason, Dave E, Ed C. Drew, Jeff, Stoltz, Kermit, Ed P. B.K.
Tracy, Sara, Rachael, Emily, Rae, Kristen, Charlt

Dave E, Ed C. Drew, Kermit, Jeff, Stoltz, Sam, Ed P. B.K.
Rachael, Tracy, Sara, Rae, Emily, Kristen, Charlt

Ryan, Kermit, Sean
Emily, Sara, Mary, Jay, Stephen, Roy, Fedor
Ed P, Sam, Charlt, Michelle

Arlington Outdoor Spring-Fall 2006

Brian, Jeff, BK, Angel, Jason, Damn!, Kermit, Ed, Stoltz
Dave E, Sara, Rachel, Miki, Loye, Charlt, Tracy

Loye, David E, Stoltz, David C, Andy
Jason, Ed P, Kermit, Tracy, Jeff
Rae, Miki, Drew, Sara, Charlt, Ed C

Jason, Stoltz
BK, Drew, Brian, David E, David C
Kristen, Ed P, Damn!, Jeff, Tracy
Kermit, Loye, Charlt, Sara, Miki, Ed C

Arlington Outdoor-Spring-Fall 2005

Daniel, Rae, Heather, Jon E, Teddy, Buzz, Damn!!, Andy, Brian, Miki, Courtney
Kermit, Dave C, Loye, Amanda, Charlt, Dave E, Drew

Andy, Daniel, Dave C, Teddy, Drew, Loye, Edvard, Ed P, Damn, Brian, Matt, Rob
Ryan, Tracy, Sara, Heather, Amanda, Miki, Charlt, Dave E

Arlington Outdoor-Spring 2004

Arlington Outdoor-Spring-Fall 2003

Arlington Outdoor-Spring-Fall 2002

Arlington Outdoor-Fall 2001

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