2007 Neptune Soccer Classic Schedule

First team listed is the home tea
****Player passes must be shown 20 minutes prior to kickoff**

Coed Recreational B

Bracket A                                              Bracket B                                              Bracket C

A1. PHG United (Springfield, VA)                      B1. DC Green FC (Round Hill, VA)                   C1. Flying Pigs (Centreville, VA)

A2. Destroyers FC (Washington, DC)             B2. Daily Grind (Reston, VA)                             C2. Rabid Dogs (Kernersville, NC)

A3. Tortugas (Bedford, VA)                                B3. Kicks FC (Arlington, VA)                              C3. Shots (Colonial Heights, VA)

A4. FCS Fury (Fredericksburg, VA)                   B4. ZFC (Oakton, VA)                                          C4. Usual Suspects (Burke, VA)s





Game 1Time

                        Field 5                                    Field 10

7:30 AM     I need you there at    7:00-7:10

7:30                C1 v C2                                  C3 v C4


9:15                            A1 v A2                      A3 v A4

Game 2Time

11:00                          B1 v B2                      B3 v B4

12:45 AM    I need you there at  12:15-12:25

12:45                          C2 v C3                      C4 v C1


2:30                            A2 v A3                      A4 v A1
4:15                            B2 v B3                      B4 v B1




Game  3 Time                                   Field 10                                  Field 12

8:00                                        A1 v A3                                  A2 v A4


Field 5            Field 9            Field 10          Field 12

9:45AM  I need you there at 9:15-9:25                   B1 v B3          C2 v C4          B2 v B4          C1 v C3


Field 17          Field 18

1:15                            Semi               Semi

1 st A - 1 st B 1 ST C Wilcard*
                                Field 13

4:00                            FINAL (Winner of Semi-finals)



(if semi-finals run late, game may start at 4:15)

*NOTE - Wildcard team will be the 2 nd place team with the most bonus points from bracket A, B,

or C. If wildcard team is from bracket C, semifinal will be 1 st A - Wildcard and 1 st B - 1 st C