Chicken: The Other White Meat

As a tribute to the pork family, which has been considered the 'other white meat' for so long, I have been conducting a study on Chicken Wings, which we, The Flying Pigs, consider to be 'the REAL other white meat.'  For the past few years I have been rating Buffalo Chicken Wings in the DC Metro area. I have developed a rating scale, known as "The Beaker Scale." The Buffalo Chicken Wing is put thru a vigorous test and then is rated from a 1-10  on the Beaker Scale. 1, being the worse buffalo chicken wing ever, to 10, being the best. While I know that other people might disagree with my ratings, its ok, we all like wings for different reasons. Below are some of the places, not all, that I have sampled and can remember.

Whitey's - Arlington VA
These wings are very tasty, have a fair amount of meat on the wings and have very good sauce coverage. Sweat Factor is high, its at least one rolls of paper towels.
Cowboy Cafe - Arlington VA
I found these some of these wings with hair on them, also the meat to bone size ratio was very weak. Wings looked big, but it was mostly bone, hardly any meat. Sauce was not tasteful nor hot, rates a 2 on the Sweat Factor.
The wings were not cut so that you had the drumstick part and the other.
Wing Masters -  Union Station DC
These wings are very good. Meat to bone ratio was good: very meaty! Sauce coverage is nice. Sweat Factor is pretty good.
Hooters - Boobytown USA
Now, some of my fellow pigs will disagree with me, but i find hooter wings to be very good. The meat to bone ratio is almost perfect-not to big, not to small. The wings have a decent amount of meat, and its not all skin. The sweat factor ranges from one towel roll to a twelve pack of Brawny. Most people don't like the breading, but you can order them without the breading,  I find with the breading and getting the sauce on the side, one can control their sauce coverage. This is most key with wings. If you can get the right combo of chicken to sauce to possible breading, you will have an enjoyable wing experience.
Bennigan's - Anytown USA
I find Bennigan's wings to be almost as good as Hooters. The problem is that they dont have a very high sweat factor, and if you get them when their grease is dirty, they taste horrible.
Maryland House - Annapolis MD
These wings were pretty good. The sweat factor was low, but they were going for the spicy-barbeque taste. The sauce coverage was very good, making it a two-er on the moist towelette scale. Meat to bone ration was fair.
  More wings to come!